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Can you go hot air ballooning in winter?

This is one of the most common questions a pilot gets asked. And it can be answered with a resounding “Of course!” Low temperatures, snow, crystal clear visibility, blue skies and the low winter sun add up to perfect flying conditions. Since there are no thermals in winter (rising air caused by the heating of the ground by the sun during the warmer months) balloons can fly throughout the day.

Incomparable impressions for life!

Snow-covered mountains, stunning winter scenery, visibility as far as the curvature of the earth and extra-long flights are experiences that won’t leave either pilot or passenger cold!

The trips in the mountains usually start from the heart of the Alps, e.g. in the picturesque mountain villages of Filzmoos or Gosau. From these points we soar high over the summits. These trips often finish in the Carinthian lowlands or along the Danube. Seeing the impressive snow covered mountains passing below you just like in a film is an experience that cannot be described in words and is one which will stay with you for a long, long time.

The stages of a classic Alpine flight

Alpine balloon flights are only possible during the winter months (December to February). Just book your preferred date with us. We will ring you on the day before the planned flight to let you know whether it is possible (depending on weather conditions) and give you details of the exact lift-off location. The best starting points for Alpine flights are idyllic villages in the heart of the Alps such as Filzmoos or Gosau.
The flight lasts approximately two hours. After landing, we return to our original meeting point and the traditional ballooners’ “baptism” takes place in a typical Gasthaus. You should allow a full day for an Alpine flight. The sparkling wine “baptism”, presentation of certificates, transfer from the landing point to the lift-off point, insurance, taxes and other fees are included in the price of your Alpine flight.

Southwards across the mountains

Crossing the main Alpine ridge